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Glass Seder Plate

Glass Seder Plate W29

An architectural glass Seder Plate into which symbolic Hebrew calligraphy has been carved. Since the destruction of the Temple the Jewish people have celebrated the Exodus in a fashion that has slowly evolved into the present day Seder, (meaning order), centering around the tightly structured "Hagadah" or ritual "relating" of the events. All participants are encouraged to regard themselves as personally experiencing the exodus from Egypt. The following symbols compose this unique Seder plate centerpiece, designed with today's hi-tech world in mind. "MAROR", Bitter herbs, symbolizing the bitterness of Egyptian slavery. "KARPAS", Vegetable, usually parsley, dipped into salt water, representing the tears shed during Egyptian slavery. "CHAZERET", often lettuce, is used in addition to the Maror as a bitter herb. "CHAROSETH", Apple, nuts and spices ground together and mixed with wine are symbolic of the mortar used by the slaves to build for the Egyptians. "ZEROA", the shankbone symbolizing the Paschal lamb, sacrificed in times of the Temple. "BEITZA" has been interpreted by many to symbolize the mourning of the Jewish people for the loss of the Temple
Note the unique fused glass decorations in the corners
Measures: 27 x 27 cm.


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