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"Atik" J73G J73 G

This Mezuzah case is made of natural Galilee Stone quarried in the Galilee in the Holy Land. It has been polished by hand to bring out the stone's natural grain and warm hues in much the same way that was done in ancient times and into it has been carved a bas relief of the "Shin", ש in Hebrew, the first letter of one of God's many acronyms, "Shaddai", שדי in Hebrew, and juxtaposed against a decorative band fabricated in brass filigree
Large: 16 x 4.5 cm. Takes 12 cm scroll. Medium: 12 x 4 cm. Takes 8 cm scroll. Small: 9 cm. Takes 7 cm scroll.

Scroll not included.

$110.00 / $120.00 / $125.00 (S, M, L)

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