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Challah board

Challah board "Hamotzi" Jerusalem Stone W17 W17

This absolutely unique Challah Board will make a dramatic addition to your Shabbath table. It is made of natural and beautiful but still practical Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Holy Land. It has been polished by hand to bring out the stone's natural grain and warm hues in much the same way that was done in ancient times and has been engraved with the phrase “Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha”Aretz” (He who brings forth bread from the ground) המוציא לחם מן הארץ.

The word Challah actually is Hebrew for loaf of bread. Shabbat meals are begun by making a blessing over the wine and over two loaves of bread.  

The Torah says (Numbers 15:19) that in the baking of bread, one must separate a piece of dough and give it to the Cohen (priest) to eat when they are ritually pure. Today all are ritually impure (as no means exist for ritual purification) so when one bakes bread, a piece of dough is separated and burnt. This Mitzvah is called Challah.

The first time the observance of Shabbat is mentioned in the Torah was when the Manna fell for the Jewish people wandering through the desert. Every day they would go out and collect the Manna. On Shabbat they would not collect. Instead, on Friday they collected double for Shabbat. To commemorate the double portion, two loaves of Challahs are placed on the Shabbat table. The use of the Challah board has been transformed over time with the emergence of more and more unique designs, many of which have been chosen in accordance with the tradition of “Hidur Mitzvah” or the beautification of the Commandment.


Measures 20 X 40 cm



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